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Hello, my name is Josh Quigley and I have a 7 year mission to become a World Champion Athlete and inspire billions of people through my journey.

Welcome to The Impossible Dream...


The impossible dream ❤️

“A highly desirable yet seemingly unattainable goal or aspiration.
The courage to follow the goal your heart desires, no matter how difficult”

Stage 1: Warm Up - Cycle around the world, by September 2nd 2021

Stage 2: World Record - Fastest cycle around the world, by September 2nd 2022

Stage 3: World Champion - Win UCI Road World Championships, by December 31st 2023

Stage 4: Olympic Champion - Road cycling Gold Medal at Olympic Games Paris 2024, by September 2nd 2024.

Stage 5: Grand Tour Winner - Win Giro D’Italia and Vuelta Espana, by December 31st 2025

Stage 6: Tour De France Winner - Win the Tour De France 2026, by September 2nd 2026.

Stage 7: Telling the Story - Spend the rest of my life telling this story and inspiring billions of people via a NYT Number 1 Best Selling Book, a Hollywood Movie and inspirational talks at conferences and events for businesses and schools around the world.

This is my journey of becoming a world champion athlete.

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suicide attempt

After a painful battle with depression and a failed suicide attempt, I took up cycling hoping it would help me feel better.

When I begun cycling I was a guy who was depressed, overweight, unfit and who was drinking and taking drugs every weekend.



Cycling not only saved my life, but it provided me with a vehicle to turn my life around and brought happiness, meaning and purpose to my life.



If I can overcome depression and pull this off, then there’s hope for anyone.

Not because I achieved the goal, but because of the person I became along the way.

By sharing this journey with others, I want to provide hope and inspiration and show that real change and transformation is possible.

By being the best I can be, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

That’s my why!