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suicide attempt

After a dark and painful battle with depression.

I attempted suicide.

But, I survived.


spiritual awakening

A breakup with my girlfriend made me feel like life was no longer worth living.

I attempted suicide by crashing my car into a concrete barrier at 70 miles per hour.

Miraculously, I walked away from the crash without a single physical injury.

I'd never been religious or spiritual, but sitting in the hospital chapel I thanked God for saving my life.

I believed I'd been kept alive for a reason and it was my job to find out why.

This was the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

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I knew I had to give up my party lifestyle, so I quit alcohol and made a vow to change my life.

I then had an epiphany that I should try and cycle around the world.

Although I was still depressed, unfit, overweight and definitely not a cyclist.

This was my way of doing it.



On the one year anniversary of my suicide attempt.

I set off from Scotland by bike, attempting to cycle around the world.

This was the story of one boy’s journey to happiness.



A year later I was in my 14th country and having cycled 10,000 miles, I decided to quit my cycle.

I was the happiest and healthiest I'd ever been and the cycle saved my life.


the struggle

After coming home, I struggled with what to do next and spent a long time in a vicious cycle of going back on the bike and then coming home again.

Eventually I knew I needed to commit myself to something and I decided that I would give myself to cycling and take care of unfinished business.


the impossible dream

This is now my journey of becoming a world champion athlete.

1. Warm up: Cycle around the world.

2. World record: Fastest cycle around the world

3. Olympic Champion: Gold Medal Paris 2024

3. World Champion: Win the Tour De France.

This is my Impossible Dream.



By being the best I can be, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I want to show what’s possible for those who dare to dream their impossible dream.

That's my why.